We have made our dreams come true.
Now it is your turn

As children, we dreamed of our own treehouse. A place, where we could hide from our parents and from the whole world; where we could play from dawn to dusk or where we could just sit back, breathe and enjoy the moment. Although we are not able to go back in time, we can still fulfil our childhood dreams. Therefore, we have created a place where we can go back at any time to look for inspiration, to relax or to have some fun. And we want to share this place with you, giving you the greatest luxury that only we can offer. The luxury of choice. You decide how and when you spend time here. And we will do everything to make our dream treehouse become your favourite place.

Ustka Apartamenty


We set ambitious goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them step by step. Both in life and in business. We know that this is the only way to continually grow.


With accepting the challenge of creating this unique place, we took into account all aspects of the investment. Therefore, we are sure that you will get exactly what you expect.


We love beauty, especially the beauty of nature. That is why our apartments are designed to complement the charm of nature.


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